If you’re a historian or just curious about organized crime in America—the Vegas Mob Museum is a great place to see some cool artifacts, learn more about the origins of the mob, and spend an hour or two in air conditioning!

The exhibit is spread across 3 floors, and also offers a speakeasy and distillery tour in the basement of the building. 

 Highlights for me included seeing Al Capone’s revolver, as well as these vintage Tommy Guns seen to the right.


For $30 I was entertained for an hour and a half, saw some cool memorabilia, and got some pretty neat photos. 

Overall, I enjoyed my time at The Mob Museum and I think it’s worth a stop if you’re in Vegas—especially if you’re staying in old town.

The museum is located just steps away from Fremont St., so if you’re staying in old town or have plans to visit during your trip, this is a great way to spend 90 minutes.

I will say that the exhibit does have quite a few video presentations to watch, so if you have a short attention span, this might not be for you.  If you opted out of the videos and chose just to look at the exhibits, the experience would go very quickly.

 Have you been to the Mob Museum before? Drop us a comment and tell us about your trip!